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Web Development – 7 Steps Guide to the Complete Process for Beginners

Web Development

Web development is the integral part on which the whole website execution depends. If we put one block wrong, the foundation will collapse. So, we should be vigilant to follow all the steps and make a strong foundation. Web development process does not only include programming languages to execute functions but there are also other factors that contribute to its success.

For a successfully running website, web development plays a very important role. There are many companies offering services related to Web Development in Toronto. If you have limited resources and want to do it yourself, just learn a few steps and get started. This blog throws light on the important steps required for web development. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Research About Your Goal:

The first step is to set your goal: what do you want to do and where do you want to reach. It’s important because without the research it will look like you want to climb the mountain but do not know how to reach the top. You will end up stuck in a situation where the return also becomes difficult.

The web development process is pretty much the same if you do not know the intent, you will end up in failure. Without proper planning and outlining the budget, you will merely end up in trouble of excess time and budget. So, before starting, you must know the purpose, target audience, budget and content. 

Step 2: Planning the Project:

Now that you know the purpose, the next step is to plan the project. The research of your goal will work as a roadmap to the web development that will also help in planning the stages. Planning involves the technology that you are going to use along with the programming languages to run the execution of the website properly. This also enables you to draft a budget according to your needs and resources that you will require.

Step 3: Creating Wireframe and Sitemap:

Proper planning will let you know how you are going to drive. Now you need to design the blueprint to see the picture of what you have planned. This blueprint is referred to as wireframe in web development technology. This wireframe will help you (or the developer if you are availing the services of web development in Toronto) from where to start. It will be a portrayal of your website in which you would know where to place the images or how to align the content according to spaces by adding dummy content.

After setting the wireframe, it is the time to draft a sitemap for further clarity. You or your developer work together to build the sitemap. It includes the information about how many pages you need, what the categories will be, how those pages should be linked and combined and how to enhance the user experience. SEO will play an important part in deciding the above-mentioned things.

Step 4: Making Design:

After completing the wireframe and site mapping, now is the time to finally design the website. Design of the website especially, the color, theme, graphics and visuals depend upon the audience choice. Make research in the initial stages what your target audience wants to see and implement that in this stage.

If you want your users to have a positive experience, make your website design unique and attractive. No website is complete without the design and incorporation of the right tools. Colors have an emotional effect on users, so choose wisely.

Step 5: Coding Through Programming Language:

To run the website functions successfully, there are different Programming Languages for front-end and back-end of websites.  Some of the commonly used languages are mentioned below for the guide. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the language used for the development of websites. It is responsible for structuring the information on the website.

Cascading sheet slides (CSS) is responsible for appearance while JavaScript for functionality. HTML is used for front-end development that includes the placements of headings, images and videos. It dictates which information is placed at what place. CSS improves the page appearance and is used to control topography, color and layout. Now that everything is added, here comes the functionality of the webpage with the respect to back-end operations.

JavaScript adds the animation and visuals to the website pages and improves the overall look and aesthetics of the website page.  Now is the time to acquire website domain through IP address so that the people recognize your presence. Etrosoft, is a web development company in Toronto, that provides web development services to its clients worldwide.

Step 6: Testing and Deployment:

After setting everything right, it is the time to test and finally deploy. Testing consists of a sequence of tests in which the quality of the website is checked and any found bug is removed. You must assure the quality of the website for proper functionality.

This includes checking every element running smoothly and the page is loading smoothly at all the devices. To improve the functionality, fine tuning is done for further satisfaction and for a market-ready website. SEO, plugin installations and optimization is done at this stage.

Step 7: Maintenance:

Once you make your website live, the rest of the upgrades and maintenance continue over time. The trends change everyday and you need to keep an eye on them. Keep your website updated with the latest editions. Get the feedback from the users that would help to improve the site. There should be a team 24/7 checking the website and detecting the problem.

Final Words:

Web development is essential to run all the operations of a website smoothly. It does not only include coding but other important steps too. Carefully looking at those steps, you can develop and run any website. Etrosoft is well equipped with experienced staff that will help you develop a good website.


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