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It can be stressful and overwhelming to manage your own investment property.

RES’s objective is to provide a hassle-free property ownership experience

With Property Management Companies in Brampton.

We can give you with a stress-free and productive property management experience thanks to our experience, network, and deliverables.

Brampton Property Management

At RES, we understand how critical it is to choose a trustworthy property management business. That’s why our staff of Brampton Property Management has been working relentlessly for the past years to put our clients’ best interests first. From start to finish, we have the knowledge and skills to handle all of your Property Management needs. Leasing, rent collection, maintenance are all included. Whether you’re a first-time landlord, a seasoned landlord, or the owner of a multi-family property, you can trust RES Property Management Companies Brampton for full-service property management to look after your investment.

Property Management Company in Brampton

We offer the services of listing your property whether it is for buying or selling purposes. Ring us today for further discussion.

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Who says property management in Brampton needs to be a relic of the past? We don’t brag about how long we’ve been managing houses; what matters is that we know how properties will need to be handled in the future! The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of maintaining communication across social distance. Our strengths have improved as a result of this. We rely on a mix of technology, experience, and complete dedication. For your benefit, our workers are continually training themselves. Intelligent and successful digitisation of property management is no longer a choice, but a need for the future that will pay off. Across our many sites, we have a diverse range of unit types with popular facilities to suit a wide range of lifestyles and interests.

We offer the services of listing your property whether it is for buying or selling purposes. Ring us today for further discussion.

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Choosing the correct property management company in Brampton to manage your rental property can help you increase revenue yields while also removing the stress of property management. RES has a strong track record of successfully managing a variety of properties and cultivating positive tenant-owner relationships. We are proud of our reputation for honesty, dependability, and value for money. We understand how difficult it may be to find the perfect property management company in Brampton. But all of your property management needs will be met by our knowledgeable and talented team of professionals. Our management and staff are courteous and responsive to the needs of each resident in our rentals. It is our job to provide great accommodations and excellent service to our tenants.

Our Process

Choosing Tenants

We give you want responsible, respectful tenants for your home. All prospective tenants are subjected to the same rigorous screening procedure and are held to the same high standards.


Our team of experts has years of experience managing high-quality rental properties of various types, and they are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment.


Our team aids you in collecting rent and doing all necessary periodic and continuing maintenance and emergency repairs, as well as keeping a record.


We guarantee listings on all major online property portals, and we devote more time, money, and effort to getting your home noticed than any of our competitors.

Property Management Companies
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Property Management

Brampton is around 40 kilometers north of Toronto’s downtown area. Brampton life is everything but ordinary. Brampton is one of Canada’s fastest developing cities. Brampton’s population has increased three times faster than the rest of Ontario since 2011, with roughly 600,000 people now calling the city home. Many people consider Brampton to be one of the best places to live in the country, especially because it is one of the most varied cities in the country.

Brampton is a bustling city in many aspects; it has a strong sense of community, is diverse, and is a dream come true for anyone who enjoys spending time outside. When it comes to getting around, Brampton is in a great location; it’s excellent to be close to other major cities without having to deal with the costs of living in them. One of the things that makes life in Brampton so wonderful is the community’s variety. The city is welcoming to people of various ethnicities and religious backgrounds, and it celebrates diversity. The city has a continental climate.

Brampton is rich in housing, transportation, schooling, and universities. But what about free time and recreational activities? What should you expect to see and do in Brampton? For newcomers, Brampton is one of the best areas to live in the GTA because of its diversified population. There are seasonal outdoor markets where you may buy fresh vegetables, baked products, cooked cuisine, and artisan goods. Sports groups abound in the city, Brampton is also rich in art and culture. Brampton features parks where you may relax and enjoy the weather.

If you buy or rent a home in Brampton, you may expect to pay substantially less than you would in downtown Toronto or one of the city’s outskirts. Brampton continues to grow and expand, providing more housing alternatives for immigrants. You can find a detached home, condo, or townhouse in one of the city’s neighborhoods. It is usual for newcomers to rent or reside in temporary housing before purchasing a home. Brampton’s housing prices, like those in the rest of the province, are growing. However, it is less expensive than similar properties in the Greater Toronto Area. This makes it more tempting to newcomers as a place to buy.

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A property management company provides a potential tenant to its clients and keeps up-to-date the property of its clients. By keeping the property and not letting the property be empty they are greatly contributing to real estate.

A property management company searches for a potential tenant for their client’s property, negotiates with this tenant, settles down all legal procedures, and continuously sends updates to its clients with all these procedures. It also takes responsibility for the maintenance of the client’s property.

Yes, it is. With the increasing demand and development in the real estate business property management companies have also become a good business.

If you are worried about your property’s maintenance and could not find a tenant for your property then go to a property management company. A property management company helps you in all your property’s maintenance and renting matters.

The average commission rate of a property management company in Canada is approximately 7-9% as in Brampton.


Amazing place to cater all the real estate concerns. Either its a house for living, a plot to build your dream house or a commercial property aswell as appartments. All services under one roof dealt by different teams. Great work! Excellent service. Highly recommended.
I have just recently started renting from let's manage & can't fault them at all. The service was so quick & efficient. Owner is professional, knowledgeable & extremely helpful. She guides you through the whole process with ease. Nothing is too much trouble. I would highly recommend renting through this agent.
Laura drury
I wouldn’t sell with anybody else. Somebody recommended me to RES and I am so grateful they did. From day one of getting in touch with them everything has been so professional yet friendly.Thanks again to everyone at RES for helping us move house!
Emma J

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