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Why Local SEO is important for small businesses

local seo

Local SEO services have emerged as the most efficient tool to connect to the local buyer community. Small businesses are usually established on a limited scale whose focus is to serve their immediate community e.g., neighbourhood, town, or city etc. Therefore, the best Toronto based SEO companies advise their clients to uplift their business at the local SEO front. It will help them to understand and meet the needs and demands of their prospective customers. 

Mobile devices and the internet have played a significant role in connecting buyers and sellers. It is no longer cumbersome to establish your identity on the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to market your business. Apart from Facebook and Instagram, Google is also playing a central role in promoting local businesses. Google features like local business directories, location-based search results, and customer reviews help small businesses to mark their identity and expand their customer community. 

When you ask about the need for local SEO for small businesses from the best Toronto based SEO companies, the debate in its advocacy is endless. But we have tried here to summarize all the key benefits, in a nutshell, to explain its importance to small business owners. 

  1. Target Mobile Community  

Facts and figures state that most of the local searches are generated from mobile devices. A survey by VisualObjects documents that one quarter-searches of 61% of consumers are initiated from mobile phones. Moreover, 57% people of in this community are young consumers. Another finding revealed that 44% of consumers admitted that they frequently use the search engine to find the services near them e.g., restaurants, clubs, bars, or shopping centres etc. There is also a significant percentage of people (45%) who often visit the place after browsing for it online. 

Above mentioned statistics indicates that Google serves as the connecting link between you and your customer community. So, what are you waiting for? Find a reputable local SEO company in Toronto and finalize a plan to uplift your local SEO services.  Use Google listings, online directories, maps, and review sections to register your business on the digital platforms. 

  1. Reach More Customers

Keywords were used previously as the mainstream method to earn a higher Google ranking. However, as time passed Google evolved itself with the changing search pattern of internet users. Instead of short and long-tail keywords, intent-based search phrases are used nowadays to look for results. For instance, queries like “Restaurants near me”, “Dentist near me”, “Best lasagna in the town”, and “How to lose 5 kg in 10 days” are much common these days. 

Mobile searches are mostly targeted at quick and casual searches. The option of “Voice Search” has further modified the process of Google browsing. Small business owners can easily understand the search behaviours of their customers by using online surveys and by sifting the most searched queries on Google. It will help them to optimize their digital platform or website as per the user’s search intent. Therefore, use the most searched related to your business in your web descriptions, web content, blogs, and FAQs section to get recognized by Google for a top ranking. 

  1. Establish a Local Following

Establishing a business identity in your local community using local SEO services improve the visibility of your business. For instance, you own a pizza outlet, and people frequently search your services to visit your branch. Now, if a visitor in the town is craving pizza and searches for nearby pizza options, then your business would be on the top of the search bar because many people have visited and reviewed your services. 

Businesses operating in a specific physical location can positively impact their local following through local SEO services. Use your homepage and contact page to elaborate on your business information like visiting hours, available services, and location etc. Use title tags and meta descriptions to reinforce the target search phrases such as “Best XYZ service in the town” etc. Local SEO companies in Toronto also suggest making separate service pages to entertain customers if your outlets are located at multiple locations in the town.

  1. Boost Your Sales

The buying patterns of customers have changed over the years. With the advancement of technology and internet services, more and more brands are establishing their online community. People also find it at ease to look for their required product online before buying it from a store. For instance, clothing and shoe brands list their products on their digital portals, which help people make a final decision from the comfort of their couch. 

Optimizing your website for local keywords uplifts your brand visibility on the first page of the search engine. A study by Ahref’s Content Explorer Index shows that 75% of the users do not move to the second and third page for their intended query. Even 91% of the website ranked on pages other than the first page do not receive any traffic. Hence, local SEO services are your only way out to digitally boost your sales. 

  1. Expand Your Community

Local SEO companies in Toronto help small businesses earn a higher ranking in search engines with local SEO tactics. A higher ranking means more customers will be able to access your services. Research by BrightLocal indicates that 90% of the customers look for reviews and ratings before visiting a place. Therefore, taking care of a few things such as reputation management by offering quality services, and optimizing your website to target the local community builds brand trust. It helps to improve your online visibility, which eventually results in higher sales. 


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