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Why SEO Optimized Web Design is Important?

SEO and web design seem like two sides of a coin. Both are different in several aspects yet complement each other to produce significant results. Mostly, businesses think about SEO after designing their website, but a web design cannot produce top-notch results without incorporating SEO techniques during the design process. 

SEO service providers and web design agencies operate differently. They boast their expertise in their respective fields, but one cannot expect them to have a profound experience in the other field, be it SEO or web design. Therefore, web design company Toronto is now working towards presenting a combined approach i.e., SEO optimized web design. 

Metrics like faster loading times, link-building tactics, descriptive URLs, site safety, alt texts, meta descriptions, and ease of navigation are the factors that favor a higher SEO ranking but these can only be pulled off with an appealing web design strategy. Best web design companies in Toronto put special emphasis on site architecture, product listings, and redirecting of pages on the website as these factors directly impact the user experience. Hence, web design and SEO go hand in hand to retain customers’ interest while qualifying Google algorithms. 

Here we have gathered some metrics that count for an award-winning SEO-optimized web design. Follow the list and take your business to another epitome of success.  

  • Domain

A domain name is the first impression on the visitor or consumer. An SEO-optimized domain name speaks loudly about your services and products etc. It helps search engines to recognize you, your services and crawl through web pages to determine the right audience for your website. Customers remember a website by their domain name as it is the quickest way to retain it in memory and revisit in near future for buying services. Domain names circle around two key points; branding and keywords. A domain name can either belong to one category or can be a mixture of both. 

The domain name must always represent your brand name, as it is the most credible and quickest way to mark web identity e.g., Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc. Web design agencies prefer brand names as it appeals the customers most. Incorporating keywords in the domain name does not help much as it makes the site look spammy and dubious. For instance, domain names such as “” or “” might accelerate search engine placement for a certain period, but eventually, the website will get de-ranked for poor performance.  

  • Hosting

Hosting facilitates the searchability of a site by allowing search engines to access your website and list it in search rankings. Google ranks sites based on IP addresses. So, if a business is operating on multiple sites, then C type IP address allows all the websites to be ranked independently while getting hosted on the same C-Block. 

Website downtime negatively impacts the performance of a website in search rankings. It increases bounce rate and de-ranks the website for inefficient performance. Web loading time is a prominent factor in retaining customers’ interest. A visitor would not spend another second on a website that takes more than 5 seconds to load.  It results in a lower conversion rate and a lower search ranking. Using trusted and credible web hosting not only accelerates loading times but also reduces the instances of server downtimes.

One thing that badly affects the SEO performance of a website is shared hosting. Shared hosting might prove a cost-effective alternative, but it does nearly irreparable damage to the site. Shared hosting services do not offer credibility, security, and reliability. Many spam websites use shared hosting which directly damages the website ranking and authority of a genuine website due to a shared network. 

  • Indexing

Indexing allows search engines to recognize the services of a website to quickly respond to the queries of customers. A reverted or inverted index is utilized by search engines instead of individually searching the web pages for keywords and core services. The entire content of a site is discovered through the indexed links regardless of the format of the content. Through an inverted index, all the services of a website are compiled in a text format along with respective links. The search engine uses the inverted index to crawl in the website and rank it on search pages. 

  • Web Structure

The site architecture plays a critical part in site accessibility and navigation. Landing pages followed by service pages, product listings, and individual product presentations are the various levels of a well-knitted web structure. Carefully placing all the components on a website not only explains the context of a certain page but also improves conversions as it is easier for customers to locate their favorite item. Any web design company in Toronto highly emphasizes on structural geometry as it affects all the sections of a website such as blogs, FAQs, services, contact forms, and location, etc. 

  • Descriptive URLs

Web design agencies count URLs as one of the top metrics for an optimized web design. An accurate, well-structured and optimized URL not only improves user experience but also enhances the search engine ranking. URL must speak about the content of the page with a short-structured phrase. Including keywords in the beginning part of the URL positively impact Google ranking but avoid overuse of keywords. Incorporating hyphens in URL improves readability for a user. Using static URLs (not using signs like &, =, #, ?) are recommended for a descriptive URL as the structure remains constant with each cycle of page loading. 

To conclude the discussion, SEO and web design are two inseparable factors when struggling for generating leads and a higher search ranking. Acquire the services of the best web design company Toronto to customize your website to secure a top place in the search rankings. 

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