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RES property management company Etobicoke’s strategy is straightforward. We offer professional, dependable property management services, including tenant screening, leasing, upkeep, and evictions. We offer a solution for you whether you are an investor with multiple rental properties or an unintended landlord. Our mission is to provide residents with high-quality rentals in excellent areas while providing an exceptional experience. We collaborate with our residents to improve the value and enjoyment of each of our distinctive communities. Etobicoke property management frees up your time to focus on what is important to you. The rest takes all your property-related burden for themselves to resolve it efficiently with their expertise.

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We offer the services of listing your property whether it is for buying or selling purposes. Ring us today for further discussion.

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RES Property Management Services Etobicoke is specialized in residential, commercial, condo, or retail property management. Our method is designed to save you money at every process level, so Etobicoke property management service pays for itself regardless of how many rental homes you own. We alleviate the stress and disruptions associated with property management for homeowners like you who have a single property investment; we’re unable to sell, relocate for a job opportunity, or inherit or buy a property. We understand the needs of both large and small investors, and we have the knowledge and ability to help you manage your portfolio more effectively. We have the expertise to consolidate everything for you into a single dependable and cost-effective management program.

We offer the services of listing your property whether it is for buying or selling purposes. Ring us today for further discussion.

Sell the Property

RES Etobicoke Property Management takes care of everything! We discover, buy, and refurbish a property before finding and managing tenants. You just purchase a turn-key property and monitor it from the convenience of your own home. Our vetting procedure identifies the greatest houses with the best profit margins. We can take advantage of economies of scale that most people can’t match. We’ve optimized our operations to provide maximum value for the least amount of money while lowering long-term maintenance costs. We have the expertise and resources to assist you in determining the best method for purchasing a turn-key property. Our experts can help you every step of the way with the best financing choices for your particular situation. We manage every property as if it were our own.

Our Process

Choosing Tenants

The selection of tenants is a daunting task. We help create tenancy agreements that work for you and your tenants and lay the groundwork for a productive relationship in the future.


Our team of professionals has many years of expertise managing rental properties of various types to high quality, and they are committed to assisting you in getting the most out of your investment.


Our team helps collect rent and assists in carrying out all necessary periodic and ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs and keeping a record for you.


We guarantee listings on all major online property portals, and we put in more time, money, and effort than any of our competitors to get your home recognized.

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Living in Etobicoke is excellent for many people because of its expansive open spaces and gorgeous waterfront vistas. Etobicoke is made up of well-established neighborhoods and communities with a lot to offer. In addition, Etobicoke is a tranquil, family-friendly community with a variety of schooling options ideal for a population primarily having families.

Etobicoke’s popularity has grown and continues to expand but thanks to its low population density, it has the spacious atmosphere and charm that many people crave. Etobicoke has a population of roughly 365,000 people. When it comes to Etobicoke real estate, most residences are single-family detached or semi-detached homes on wide streets. However, condominium and apartment developments are located alongside the Humber River or on the water’s edge.

Etobicoke is home to a vibrant, multicultural community that celebrates people’s values, customs, and festivals from all walks of life. Etobicoke is a beautiful community with family-friendly areas, boutique shopping, small restaurants and cafes, plenty of green space and parkland, and easy go and transit access, making it a perfect downtown option!

Etobicoke is a thriving waterfront city surrounded by parks and open areas, with winding waterfront walks, beautiful cultural neighborhoods, and calm yet excitingly cosmopolitan ambiance. Etobicoke residents have the unique advantage of living in a beautiful, waterfront suburban neighborhood with all of Toronto’s world-class amenities at their fingertips. Etobicoke is one of the city’s most active areas, with so much to do, see, and enjoy.

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A property manager is an employee of a property management company that represents his/her company, deals with the clients, and provides them the best services.

There are various steps through which the property management business can expand like building the official website of your company, broadening the network, improving content writing, and offering unique services to your clients.

Choose the company that has a good reputation, good reviews from clients, experienced property managers having extensive knowledge relating to their work.

To hire a property manager through a property management company you have to pay the 8-10% of the total rent to the property management company for every single month.

To excel in the property management profession, the key is good customer service. The expansion in the property management business occurs with an increase in the number of its customers.


Amazing place to cater all the real estate concerns. Either its a house for living, a plot to build your dream house or a commercial property aswell as appartments. All services under one roof dealt by different teams. Great work! Excellent service. Highly recommended.
I have just recently started renting from let's manage & can't fault them at all. The service was so quick & efficient. Owner is professional, knowledgeable & extremely helpful. She guides you through the whole process with ease. Nothing is too much trouble. I would highly recommend renting through this agent.
Laura drury
I wouldn’t sell with anybody else. Somebody recommended me to RES and I am so grateful they did. From day one of getting in touch with them everything has been so professional yet friendly.Thanks again to everyone at RES for helping us move house!
Emma J

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