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What will be the future of web development with the introduction of new trends?

Every industry evolves with time, so does the web development industry. It is going through changing trends and more powerful technologies that web development companies have to look for to keep themselves up-to-date. In this article, the web development trends and the novel technologies that have been introduced in recent times are discussed in detail.

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are websites that give the experience of an app. With the ease in development, PWA provides good user experience without giving them the trouble of downloading the app. PWA incorporates modern technology to give access to all the information on a browser.

The advantages that have been the cause of its rapid increase are that it provides offline content with a high-quality experience. As people now-a-days are more comfortable in using mobile phones, PWA technology allows them to search their brand or product on mobile browser without downloading the app. The languages like CSS, HTML and JavaScript are now being used for writing PWAs.

Brands using e-commerce websites or low-budget businesses can fully take advantage of these PWAs owing to the advantage of an app-like feel in browsers. Besides this, the audience considers it a good option if they can directly deal with browsers rather than downloading apps that take a lot of space. It is easier for web development company to use PWAs instead of creating two types of different apps one for desktop and the other for mobile phones.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the space of the digital market a long time ago and since that it has evolved tremendously. Similarly, web development will be focused on AI in near future. With the help of bots, AI is incorporated in web development that will operate 24 hours and fulfill user’s needs. Bots replace the need for support managers and also reduce costs.

Various big B2C companies have already incorporated AI bots in their algorithms to help the users and heating the game of web development. Various groups like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are already using Bots to serve people. AI can be incorporated in a regular website or progressive web application etc.

All in all, AI helps you to serve your audiences and users to have a better experience. Web development companies can incorporate AI in their designs to reduce human help from many of the tasks. Bots can be designed to help people 24/7 asking general questions and for more complicated ones human help can be used.

Voice Search Optimization

Today is a busy age where people are likely to avoid typing and depend on voice optimization. It is expected that the use of smart speakers and voice assistants would likely be increased between 2021-2023. Some voice assistants like Siri, Google Home and Alexa have already introduced and being widely used. YouTube is also using a voice assistant to help people find the stuff easily by just saying it.

Voice search has taken place in homes for most of the commands and people don’t find it difficult as communication does not need to learn. For a future in web development, web development agencies need to incorporate voice search-based algorithms in their web development services. For e-commerce websites, these are particularly essential so that people could search for more products using voice optimization tool.

Voice optimization has advantages that it makes searching easier for users without the trouble to type long sentences. Instead, they can just say it and search the relevant products. It brings customer’s or user’s loyalty when they do not have to make an extra effort to reach their products in such a busy routine.

Web Assembly

Usually, one factor is comprised when working on a project in the initial stages. This is the same case in JavaScript while writing heavy calculations on JavaScript, its performance is compromised. It gives user bad experience and for this reason, many gaming applications are only limited to desktop usage.

Web Assembly is here to change the game as the execution of code in Web Assembly is easier than JavaScript. Web Assembly is a low-level byte code and you can write the code in a language which is executed easily. On Web Assembly you can generate coding using C and C++ which are easier to write code on.

Web Assembly is still in its initial stages and is not used widely. You cannot deny the importance of JavaScript as both go hand in hand. Things that were not possible doing on JavaScript alone can be done using the advantages of both. JavaScript tells the Web Assembly what to do and it executes the code in fast low-level programming languages.

With the use of Web Assembly, the development of the website has entered a new era. Web development agencies can use Web Assembly for the stuff like creating an image, video editors, video games, training, and 3D mapping apps.

Cyber Security

In today’s age, Security has become important more than anything in each sector. Similarly, cyber security has become the topic of concern with increasing cases. The website containing more data is more likely to be the target of cybercrime activities. Hackers extract your personal employee’s information and your business valuable information. This is a threat to your business reputation.

In 2020, cybercrime activities have increased where hackers draw huge traffic to your site slowing it down. Web development agencies need to consider security testing carefully to avoid cybercrime activity. A notification should be set that can detect any suspicious activity and alert the team instantly.

AI has made data security easy as fingerprints have introduced that make data protection easy. You can only log in to the account after verification. Incorporate data security tactics in the web development phase such as answering security questions to make your business more protective.

The article includes the latest trend in web development and what technologies would overtake the future. With the above-mentioned tools, you can update your web development services to a professional level.


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