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Losing your maximum leads due to increasing bounce rates? Do not worry. We have got you covered with the latest SEO tools. Trust our transparency and kick start it today.

Content Optimization

Keeping eagle eye on changing keywords trends, we keep the content up-to-date.

Increase Traffic

By targeting the right keyword tools, we increase organic traffic to your website.

Lead Generation

Increasing organic traffic brings the lead generation and maximum conversion.

Brand Identity

Maximum conversions through right SEO tools helps to realize online online presence.


Wondering why not getting frequent visits of users despite having an attractive website? SEO is what you need!
Only a unique and pleasing website design does not guarantee success. First, you have to realize your online presence so that people can find you. Now the question is how can you do it? Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you to make your website visible on Google pages. The goal is to make effort and be on the top results of the Google search engine results. SEO attracts organic traffic to your website. So, if you are a start-up business, SEO is a must to drive audience. Etrosoft, is a SEO company in Toronto, that offers its client SEO services to improve their Google ranking. Ranking low on Google means you are missing the important aspects of SEO. Without experience, you cannot judge your loopholes. Only Expert can help you in choosing appropriate keywords, backlinks and quality content.

The experts at Etrosoft are highly qualified to rank your website on Google’s top search engine result pages. Organic traffic through SEO helps to attract the audience through quality content. On the other hand, paid searches attract traffic by showing ads. Etrosoft assist you to rank on higher search engine results pages without paying extra expenditures for ads. We know that for start-ups or small-scale businesses it is not easy to set aside extra budget for ads. Working for many years, our experts have experience dealing with different businesses. We do thorough research of your niche and set the agenda accordingly. By continuous updating the content, we make sure your website is noticed by Google crawlers. When the audience will be organically attracted to your websites, you will get potential clients for maximum conversion and generation lead. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for further queries.



Starting a business and make it a success is everyone’s dream. The important thing is to keep yourself updated with the changing trends. Google also changes its policy every then and now. So, if you are not following the changing trends, Google might de-rank your website. All the hard work can go in vain, in case, of not paying proper attention. SEO is not a one-time game. If you want to remain in the race, then you have to continuously work on SEO. At Etrosoft, our SEO Toronto experts work 24/7 throughout the year so that your business success is not compromised. We believe in transparency and honesty. Everything remains crystal clear between our clients and team. In this way, you will always be in loop of what is happening.

If you already have SEO done on website and want our services, we will be delighted to help you. Our experts will create a draft containing all essential things that is currently applied on your website from your current SEO status to bounce rates. After that, we will suggest the changes that must be applied to boost your SEO. Etrosoft team welcomes its client ideas too. If, at any stage, you want any change in the plan, our SEO team will co-operate with you. We will recommend any changes needed to flourish your business. Using appropriate keywords and quality content, your business will soon realize online presence. We make sure the keywords are accurate and not overstuffed. If you don’t have SEO done on your website, we will start from the bottom and get you to the top in a little time.

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Generation Lead

Content Optimization

Adword Linkings

Maximum Conversions

We help you make your visibility on an online digital platform. People get to know your brand through engaging and quality content. Our clients trust us and keep long-lasting partnerships to avail  our services. We have received a commendable response to our services from our clients.  We are 24/7 up to give our clients the best SEO services in Toronto.




The question is what is the important parameter needed to create the online visibility. Without any doubt, it is Meta tags. Meta tags increase your organic visibility and helps the people to know your website in a very few lines that appear on Google search engine results. So, it is very important to write meta tags short but with quality enriched words. It helps people to instantly click with you reading those meta tags. At Etrosoft, our team makes sure to choose the right and interesting content that intrigues the reader to click on your website to read further. Furthermore, a clear and intelligently written meta tags also encourages the Google crawlers to see it and rank it higher on the top of search engine results.


Off-page SEO is the real game to attract organic traffic. It depends on how perfectly you have woven your website on the back end. Navigation of the page is the foundation of all your SEO work. If your page is not good enough to navigate the target content, page or product, you are losing at the hands of SEO. When we take up our client’s project, our prime focus is to pay attentions on cross-linking and hierarchy of pages. This is because the user might land on your page but if he will not find its desired product, there is a great chance he will leave it. Poor navigation frustrates the users as well as Google crawlers. Google crawlers will throw your website on the last pages if he will find difficulty in crawling your website pages.


Nowadays, when people want something, they search online on Google. 90% of the people rely on what comes on the first page of Google search engine and only 10% bother to check the second page. So, it clearly means if you are not on the first page of the search engine results, you will not get clicks. This is the reason targeting specific keywords is important and for local SEO it becomes even more important. Google My Business is recently introduced in the market to flourish your local SEO. If you make yourself registered on Google My Business, you are good to go for local SEO. Our team discuss the geotargeted location with the clients so that you can get the right results.


Technical SEO is the back of everything in increasing organic traffic. It defines how well your pages are interlinked and functioning. Just as in web development process, you make a sitemap of all the pages. Technical SEO helps to execute the plan as it is. Etrosoft team make sure that your website is designed according to the sitemap and all the pages are functioning properly. Users have easy access to all of your website pages with easy navigation. Easier navigation is also essential for Google crawlers. We make sure your website is easier to navigate so that Google crawlers do not leave your website in frustration. Contact us today to discuss further!


Throughout the page, we have emphasized enough the importance of content. Quality content is the soul of the website and without it all your hard work is wasted. At Etrosoft, we have the best content writers that brainstorm to find the right keyword and then sew them beautiful between the content. Overall, the content adds power to the website. For keyword research, our content writers are well updated with the changing trends relative to specific niche. They keep an eye on what’s hot for the specific market and target them for optimized results. As crawlers also read content under the images, our content writers add alt texts with relative keywords to further add spice for the higher ranking.


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"Working with Etrosoft Web Development Toronto department were always very easy and efficient. Designers are very helpful and mindful to give an amazing look to our website and built very impressive, mobile friendly website for our business. Highly recommended for web designing and development services."
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"Our Company has been working with Etrosoft for few years. It is the amongst best web Design & Development Company in Canada. They are extremely easy to work with and simply the best! Etrosoft doesn’t just build a website for you, they built a partnership with the guarantee of benefits to your company."
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"The Etrosoft team works best to ensure that our needs are met, and they are always enthusiastic and willing to spend extra time to provide result-oriented work. We make the right decision to choose as our Digital Partners. They are handling our social media and website very well. Etrosoft is the best Digital Marketing Company so far who worked with us."
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